Thursday, 28 August 2008

An Excerpt from Neverland

"The movie claims “All Dogs Go To Heaven”. But now that I have been here for one week, I must disagree. All dogs go to…….CAIRO! Everyday when I wake up, I look out my window and see at least six stray dogs running in the cemetery across the road (haha, yes I live across from a cemetery!). When I walk to the bus in the morning I see at least three more. And, if you look under the vehicles that line the streets, you can increase that number to fifteen or twenty! In Cairo, dogs are like the “Tim Horton’s” of Canada. You can find one any time you like! In addition to an extensive dog population, Cairo has quite the number of stray cats! I swear I feel like I am living in a really big pet store! It would be a really cool concept if the cats and dogs were a little cuter. Instead, they are all so skinny! Except for the big cat we saw last night. We declared him a hunter! I tell ya….a REAL pet store would be feeding the poor things…In terms of dog and cat relations, they seem to get along fairly well. We have yet to see any dog versus cat combat, although we have spotted an animal that resembles both a dog and a cat….and so we presume that some of them get along quite well! We have termed this mixed breed a “cogdat”. Look for them in your own neighbourhood…they are exquisite!"-Neverland (you can go there now to read more. wink.)


karina said...

Great picture!!!

Suzanne said...

Gosh, what a stunning photo. I know what you mean about stray dogs & cats. When we were in Guatemala we were surprised to see not only cats and dogs roaming everywhere, but cows, pigs, goats and every type of livestock just roaming everywhere, including in and out of the houses!

= Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife
Now I'm going over to Neverland.