Friday, 22 August 2008

The Butcher The Baker The Blogger

I knew it. I just knew it. I knew that eventually this image of Nathalie Lete's work would become a key ingredient to a special 'meaty' post. And here it is. Ah..dear (carnivores) friends. She arrived. I've been waiting 4 days to hear from her and now I feel beefed up. It began last night as I ate the most tender fillet mignon at our formal business conference in Toronto. This melt in your mouth meat should have been a sign of my news. Perhaps the wine had numbed my radar as I usually listen to the signs and messages coming my way. Upon opening my laptop; belly full, bloated, uncomfortable - I found the marbled posts that I had been waiting for. And here lies the tale of The Butcher. And no, it wasn't the wine that made me laugh so loud (although it probably amplified it). It's the thought of her experience knowing her as I do. I invite you to select the finest aged cut of blogging stories; to settle in for a year of what surely will be some great humour, sharing and entertainment. I re-give you Neverland. Could there be a book on the horizon? Some sharp editor might be reading.

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