Saturday, 23 August 2008

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

These little wooden beauties would never fit my feet. I have chubby toes and my feet swell ever day. I long for smooth tiny twinkle toes, but you can't have everything you dream of. I come before you today actually, to beg forgiveness for not posting/commenting much in the past few weeks. Business has been very busy. Travel. Deadlines. Frustrations. Doubts. Am I suffering from corporate defiance and snotty insubordination? Do I sound a tad catty? I do feel a change in the wind. (for my career) I guess I am just tired and I need to rest and recharge so I can move forward - one step at a time.


lifeinredshoes said...

Hmmm, change?

Bronwyn said...

It's good when business is busy....but I hope you manage to resolve your doubts and frustrations.....and find a little time to chill out and relax:)