Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Joseph Mimran, Sloan Mauran and Pink Tartan

Let me get this straight. I was watching House & Home TV and fell in like with designer, Sloan Mauran's renovated Victorian home. So, you know me. Munching on my 4pm corn chips with roasted red pepper dip; sipping ice-cold pulp-free oh jay in a tall polka dot glass...yadda yadda....I just had to do some research. Have I told you before that I just adore research. I like digging around the net and moving from place to place discovering all bits of useful information. I just googled Sloan and then her financial rich prince hubby Adrian Tauro and found that they dined with Trump and Melania on one New Year's Eve a year ago. Stay with me here. I'm getting to the point. Sooooo...also at that table was Joseph Mimran and his wife Kimberley Newport-Mimran of Pink Tartan fame; functional, elegant, travelling, working Mom style. (Also both judges on Project Runway Canada) So then I dug around some more; excavating really, to find out who Joseph Mimran is. He is the fashion-tycoon retailer genius behind Joe, which I love, love, love. Did I say jo love? I did. Did I tell you that I can see the top of the building where Jo is sold from my bedroom window? Especially at night when the gigantic parking lot lamps are glowing. I can. He is also the man who brought us Alfred Sung and Club Monaco. Ralph bought Club and it's 140 stores for a cool $79 million. As in Ralph Lauren. Here is a quote by Joe to live and work by: "If you control your brand you control your destiny." (It's about integrity of design for Joe) For those of you who want to have or do have a career in fashion, this is a great short video clip. Back to Sloan. Her design work is fab. Alright, I finally got it all straight. All because over the last few months I've been discussing the Joe brand and who's behind it. And because I wanted to sit down to have a swell snack at four o'clock this afternoon, I learned all this. And because I shared it here, so did you. See what I mean. Research is good. Watch the Fashion Television segment here. (click on Joseph and Kimberley Mimran)

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