Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Price of Gas

I really hate to admit this, but I wouldn't know whether gas prices were high or not. For one, I have a company card. (lucky me....very lucky) For another, even before I had a company car, I never, ever looked at gas prices. I just went in and got twenty or forty bucks worth. Is this irresponsible of me or does it just show a piece of my personality. (I'm not into details) How about you? Do you look for the best deals?


Suzanne said...

Nope. I just drive in and like you said, get $10, $20, $40, whatever I'm needing to get from here to there. I have no control over the price and have no intention of getting myself upset about it.

My mother-in-law knows the price of gas in every station within 50 miles. She'll do something really bright like drive 24 miles to a station that will save her 2 cents per gallon. Brilliant!!!

I was around for the gas crisis in the 1970's when we sat in line for an hour or two just to buy gas. Fun. The technology will not change until there is no other alternative. That's the way things work I guess.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Erin said...

well, i used to drive in, get $10 bucks, and drive out. That's what it cost to fill my old, purple honda. now, however, filling the same car costs about $35. and that just plain old sucks.
there are a couple of places near me that usually have the cheapest gas in town, so i usually go there. but why does it just go up and up? that day the barrel of oil price shot up, so did gas... but the oil price has gone down and gas hasn't. $4.25 now, around me. i haven't had to get any at that price yet.
on the up side: excellent tetraethyl pics!

Mélanie said...

Can I tell you something ! In north America , you are still " very lucky " ( yes , you read , well) . Here in France , the price is unbelievable we pay 1, 50 euro ( 2,20 dollars ) for one liter !!!!
I love your photos of this post