Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Gas and Veggie Connection

My daughter wanted to make all of you a healthy snack for the blog party. I would have settled for a white layer cake; my all time favorite. Well, this meant having to go to the market for fresh produce. Wish I had one of these that El Beso is getting. I'd walk more. On the way I pulled one of my 'drive-by-shootings' and look what came up. Canadian Soldiers marching down the street. In front of a gas station no less. (and after I just posted about the price of gas - weird eh?) I said to my girly-girl, 'You know honey. I can't ever remember seeing anything like this growing up. We never knew war or talked about war. We always felt safe in a dreamlike world. We were the generation that got to skip that hell. But this is today. And things are different. And we can never forget that.' Enjoy the veggies. They will give you gas. And gas will give you war.


Suzanne said...

The veggies are well, they're veggies. I'll take that white cake please.

I can't say that I was in a generation that didn't know war. My father served twice, WW2 and Korea. I grew up in the 50's when we had nuclear war drills. Yeah, we had to duck under our desks and cover our heads. WHAT??? What the heck would that do? Anyway, we had a couple gajillion nuclear warheads pointed at us. And then my high school friends went to Viet Nam. And then I studied Anthropology which pretty much confirms that man has always engaged in war of some type....since the beginning of time. You'd think we'd have figured out something better by now, huh?

- Suzanne

karina said...

Thanks for the link!
My grand fathers were from Europe, so I grew up listening stories about how was life in Europe at those times!
Plus a short war against England when I was younger.