Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Cote de Texas, OOMBBF

Oh look who's at the blog anniversary party. Dora's father. In a dress. Cool. And as you all know I adore robins' eggs, so much so, that I use the term frequently to describe things I really, really like. Joni is my little robin's egg. She's OOMBBF. One of my best blogging friends. (A bit different than BPTOT, Best Political Team on Television, CNN)

Be sure to visit Joni today because it is her 1st Blog Anniversary too! She's really famous, but approachable. It hasn't gone to her head at all.

Poor birdie. Couldn't come to the celebration. Hatched and tucked away in a nest.


Suzanne said...

Dora's father actually looks good in a dress. I guess it's his color. HA.

- Suzanne

Cote de Texas said...

Oh how sweet!!!! oombbf - love that!!! Congrats girl - a year of all your own pictures, now THAT's a feat! I'm a photo thief - I wish I could take such interesting shots as you. You have provided a year's worth of interesting tidbits about every subject under the sun. It's always a learning experience here - always interesting - and often very funny. keep it up girl!!!

Topsy Turvy said...

Sorry I'm a day late, but congrats and please keep 'em coming!


Courtney said...

congrats and, yes, gorgeous photos!! And you've got great taste in blogging buddies - Joni's a great woman.