Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I can't believe that I am actually showing you my 'overflow' closet. That one hanger is driving me nuts! I have an issue with yellow. Have I ever told you that? Patricia Gray is the one who got me warming up to yellow again. It's in a hell of a mess; my closet, but you get the idea. My fashion palette. Fairly boring. Mono. A few hits of pink, salmon and blue. Little pattern. One day soon I will have my walk-in filled with blue jeans and white shirts. (see my dream on the side bar) Ah...what's that? Oh, that's my belly dancing skirt. Yes. I do. Excuse me, but do I hear laughter over this hot spot? Oh, I'm making you hot. I get it.

I just wanted to close my 1st Anniversary Party (am I nauseating you yet) by sending you a big hug. Yes you! You're here all the time and I really appreciate it. I do. I love-love blogging. I feel pretty darn tooting proud that I've kept it up for a whole year. That says a lot for me. I get bored real easy (Gemini). I want to send a special kiss to my Mom & Dad and kiddies who support me and tell me 'You're Great' every day.

I just hope some day I do get 'DOOCED' so I can do what I really want. "Make Arts". All kinds of "Arts". (see the list here) or here. You know. In 2002, Armstrong ignited a fierce debate about privacy issues when she was fired from her job as a web designer and graphic artist because she had written satirical accounts of her experiences at a dot-com start up on her weblog, She did not challenge her termination and has refrained from identifying her place of employment in interviews. Armstrong warns her fellow bloggers: "I started this website in February 2001. A year later I was fired from my job for this website because I had written stories that included people in my workplace. My advice to you is BE YE NOT SO STUPID. " - Dooce.

And so I won't be. Stupid I mean. Here's to the next year. And here's to you! xo


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Happy Anniversary to you!

Mine is next month, can you believe how much we have had to say in the past year?

Happy day,

Suzanne said...

Don't wait for someone to "Dooce" you.... Dooce yourself. I was let go 18 months ago when the newspaper I worked for ran out of readers. Oooops, it seems they didn't see the revolution coming. Thanks to the fact that the Farmer has a good job and my paltry income wouldn't change our lifestyle in any significant way, I've been able to be the happiest unemployed person on the planet.

I've been engaging in photograph, writing, remodeling the house...all kinds of things. I guess the best answer would be to find a way to work from home. Do it!!!

BTW, go over and check out my Peeps list. I've found a spot for are now my official "Vardoger" which is a kinder, gentler version of a Doppleganger. Heaven knows we don't want that because legend has it that if Doppleganger's meet then they both instantly disappear.

Your Vardoger status is based on the fact that we have identical collections and many other factors that only Vardogers know about. A private club, if you will.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

corine said...

Don't you have to say disparaging things about your job to get dooced? Get to work on that.

Hey, I belly dance too! Or let's just say I move spastically with bells around my hips. No risk of anyone getting heated, wuite the opposite.

I work from home and I tell you what: my work never ends. I'm trapped in my house doing loads of laundry instead of coffee breaks. I am free of boss but I'm much more of a slave driver towards myself than any boss I ever had. And the coworkers: one cat, one dog, one bird and 12 goldfish who loaf around all day and piss me off!

Joy said...

Happy (belated albeit) Anniversary!!

{this is glamorous} said...

Happy blog anniversary! Wow--has it already been 1 year? Here's to many more. {And love your new header.}