Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Behind the Scenes at Liberty Post

Did I say Liberty Post? What I meant to say was Huffington Post. (You just have to watch these two videos once you're done reading here! It's so inspiring.)

So here's the goods. The 'Gallery of Goods'. Some background on this blog that is turning '1' this month. This whole blog was a play on words. I knew that Ariannna Huffington had one of the fastest growing blog properties. Hmmm....15 million readers per month. (That's pretty good I thought) I also am employed full time with a iron-clad contract that states : no other income. Therefore, dear readers, you will notice that I don't earn any money. No ads. No google. No adsense. No selling of things. I write and publish daily here for the pure joy of it. I just want to meet many, many new friends around the world. It is my opinion that posting every day forces someone to hone the skills. I like what I'm seeing from myself. A pure style is revealing itself. My readers are letting me in on this too. This blog is my therapy. My joy. My escape from the stresses and pressures of the 'real' working me.

This blog has made me a better person. I've learnt many things. (more about that at a later date). Oh yes, back to the play on words. I knew I wanted to use 'Post' (quite cheeky of me wouldn't you agree?)....I've always loved it and have worked for 'Post' newspapers before. I knew that eventually I wanted freedom - my own business - working online, blogging, photographing, writing...all from home..building a media business from the ground up. I opened a blogger account and began looking for an image that would represent my project. I typed in 'freedom' on Google Images and up popped the original invitation to the opening of the Statue of Liberty. Can you believe it! As a Canadian, I knew first hand what it was like to live so close to the U.S. and how the media there influences us here. I thought, gee wouldn't it be funny to appear to be an American blogger. I might get more traffic. (Ahh the evil 'traffic' word. Don't lie to me. You know you think about it too.)
To seal the deal even more, the date was Oct. 28th. A very, very significant date for me. (more about that once I come 'out'.....you'll have to wait on that). I knew instantly that my blog would become 'Liberty Post'. But hold on...what's all this about 'Gallery of Goods'. I used to own an art gallery, am an artist too (all mediums..love, love creative people) and was a founding member on a Board that opened a gorgeous art gallery here in Canada. I needed to tuck that in as my tagline. My Gallery of Goods = images and ideas.
I hope you continue to visit Liberty Post. I love posting for you. I really do.
Now watch this Behind the Scenes look at Huffington Post - the blog offices and Arianna's life, home and voice! Very cool. Be sure to watch both segments. Part 1 and Part 2.

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Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

congratulations on your anniversary! you have a wonderful blog, that i enjoy reading.
xo alison