Monday, 21 April 2008

Silence of the Frogs

Last night my 12 year old son tried to scare me with this. It worked. He's laughing: 'Put it on the blog. Put it on the blog Mom!' I hardly had the courage to run and get my camera to take a picture to show you. Heart pounding. Gasping. To make matters worse, these frogs are anything but silent. They hiss like a snake and chirp all night long like a superbowl-sized nest of baby birds. They live in the soggy forest beside our home. (great) Please excuse the filthy fingernails. I do bathe him regularly (my son I mean). He is after all twelve and loves the big outdoors. You know him. Remember I told you about the book about vaginas and his vintage hockey cards? Ya, he is an interesting boy, keeps me on my toes and for the record, he is very mean to me.


Good-Grace said...

oh, how I love the sound of frogs. what a sweet boy... just doing his job... keeping mom on her toes.

Good-Grace said...
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Bhavna said...

yikes! I am getting goose bumps on my hands! Trust boys (of all ages!) to do such things!