Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Vintage Hockey

I just back from my Son's Holiday Trade Show at the school. Here is his very vintage line of gift tags slash book marks. Like a good Canadian, he decided to design a line called 'Hockey Holidays' using vintage hockey photographs, his Pop's photocopier and some string. He made 80! (4"x5")They are priced at .25 cents each or 4 for a $1.00. (Where's the deal in that?? ha ha). He also had a small booth (his school desk with a poster taped to it) and was wearing a t-shirt with one of the images ironed on it. His company is called the 'Vintage Hockey Card Co.'. I hope he sells them all ( I bought 4 and my Mom bought 2) and then takes me out for a nice steak dinner. He shoots. He scores. (as we say here in Canada). I think he has a winning idea and I'm really proud of him! Could there be licensing potential in this idea?

UPDATE: Well, it was a success! He sold 60 of them and he won two raffles: a gingerbread house and a pan of brownies. What a score! I guess we can skip the steak dinner! Who made the rule that one must eat meat and potatoes for it to be considered a meal?

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Anna said...

Wow - these are stunning!!