Thursday, 21 February 2008

Toller Cranston & Strawberry Ice

Toller Cranston, born in Hamilton, Canada, is widely acclaimed as the most influential figure skater of this century. His birthday falls between the astrological sign of the sportsman (Aries) and the artist (Taurus). He is, perhaps as a consequence, a modern-day Renaissance man. A lifetime of remarkable achievements make this artist extraordinary: Olympic medallist; Member of the Order of Canada; three-time world free-skating champion; Canadian Athlete of the Year; internationally-known painter, illustrator, author, designer, choreographer, commentator and star of award-winning television specials and films. These credits are merely the tip of the creative iceberg. As an artist, Mr. Cranston is highly respected by his peers and has exhibited in prestigious galleries around the world. These hand-painted ostrich eggs are available for sale here. Toller now lives in San Miguel Mexico. Drop by his gallery when you visit this artist's colony. You must watch this short doc about him. You will love the Strawberry Ice portion. Sit back and enjoy the show. A true original.

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Bhavna said...

I am fascinated by figure skating! Love the movements and fluidity..akin to flying sometimes! :-)