Monday, 21 January 2008

A Tale of Two Cities

This is where we live. In the Tale of Two Cities. One is a beach town, the other is a mountain town. One economy prays for summer; the other for snowflakes. All the people in these two towns, that sit beside each other on the turquoise shores of Georgian Bay, pray differently, depending on what season it is. The people, they say, have the best of both worlds. It certainly is an unusual circumstance. It may not happen in too many places around the globe. Come Spring, we will enjoy the thaw while we read the 'hot' versions of our local magazines. We are lucky. We live in one of the world's greatest playgrounds. (Which town do you think will survive if global warming gets any worse?)

2 comments: said...

Beyond lucky! How perfect is that? I wish I lived there too! Oh and, may I just say again, I adoooore your photos here. They are so refreshing, crisp and wonderful!!


Fanciful: You're a dream! Thank you!