Sunday, 20 January 2008

Country Home's Pacific Overtures

The mossy woodlands and dramatic peaks around Portland, Oregon, inspire the design of the 2007 Country Home show home, where earth-friendly attitude mixes with fresh country style. I love the souvenir pillow and the antique Chinese calligraphy brushes. This inviting place could be plunked down in Canada and feel right at home. Inside February 2008 Issue.

I'm having a dry spell with my own photos. (ever had that happen to you?) You can count on me though! I've got some ideas and I'm busy working on new things. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out these photos of Oregon. It's called 365 Days. Truly cool, start a new week, inspiration. Make Monday Marvelous!


kairospix said...

nice shots you have there!

i like the first one - really nice clos up shot!

i've voted for you at Photoblog Awards 2008

would you consider mine? tks!

Bronwyn said...

Thosecalligraphy brushes are beautiful, it's a great photograph. I would love to visit this area one day.

Patricia Gray said...

I love the pic of the chinese calligraphy brushes, esp the one with the horn handle. How unusual. It makes me want to take up painting. Thanks for the inspiration!!