Friday, 2 November 2007

Feather Boa

Don't worry about looking 'campy' or 'vulgar', just go for it and adorn your outfit with a feather boa. I say we need to get into our silk pyjamas and adorn ourselves with a fashion accessory that never (really) goes out of style. Shouldn't we look divine while we watch television? It should be mandatory attire while we get a pedicure. If it was good enough for Mae West, it's good enough for us today. Hey! It could be a new blogging uniform!

Who's brave enough to do a "Boa Self-Portrait" for next week? I guess we'll see....

A little lesson in boas:

Ostrich — Thousands of long thin feather strands woven into ply are used to construct these very fluffy boas. These form the larger, Las Vegas showgirl type boas, as when they are coloured and woven into many ply, they can look very dramatic even at a distance.

Turkey — Many larger flat turkey feathers form these heavier boas which might weigh 120-180g and reach 30 cm in diameter.

Marabou — The fine down from marabou is used to form these very thin, and very fluffy boas.

Chandelle — Smaller feathers or "flats" from the turkey are used to create these lighter boas with smaller diameters.


patricia gray said...

I love feather boas. I used to have pink ones draped around my lampshades in my bedroom at one time. Shhh, don't tell my clients.


Patricia: You secret is safe with me. (although after Hair Spray, I'm sure John Travolta is used to playing dress up! wink. wink.)