Friday, 2 November 2007

The Happy Moment

The happy moment. That's when you look in your mailbox (the real one in the 'real' world) and you discover a cute postcard or a handwritten letter from a dear friend. Maybe it's a lovely 'Thank You' card. They're coming back in a big way you know. Thank You cards. Handwritten. Thoughtful. Full of grace with swirly 'P's' and zippy 'Zees' and turned up 'M's' and tidy 'T's' and gently dotted 'i's'. Wouldn't that be a wonderful surprise to replace a bill? Instead, we get the odd paper good treat by post; other than that it's junk mail, flyers, credit card promotions and reminder notices. Times, they are a-changing aren't they? From cave paintings, to ink wells, to pencils, to fountain pens, to Underwoods, to electric typewriters, to computers, to laptops, to email, to texting, to???........ I think each of us should send a 'real' postcard next week to a friend and let them know we were thinking of them. Or, why not a long letter on beautiful stock tucked inside a envelope with a newsclipping or recipe card included (instead of an 'attachment') It doesn't matter how long this social correspondance takes to get to them. It will be a happy moment.


Joy said...

I love your photos - they are gorgeous! :)



Thank you so much Joy. That's means a lot to me! Big Hug!