Saturday, 3 November 2007

My Weekend To-Do List

Golly-Gee! I'm all alone today. What shall I do?

1. Drink a pot of good coffee and get lost online. (check)
2. Empty the dishwasher (check)
3. Wash all the baseboards. (dreading this one, but it must be done....done. check.)
4. Paint my nails pink.
5. Wash the dog food dish. (check)
6. Start my new book, The Principles of Uncertainty. (check)
7. Change the look of my mantle. (check)
8. Paint.
9. De-clutter and edit my desk/office.
10.Go for a walk. (Excellent chart for all of us to use here.)

What are you doing today?


melissa @ the inspired room said...

Just stopped in to thank you for your fabulous hostess gift. I'm inviting you to all my parties. I hate the clean up part!

Thanks for coming to the party, we're still going strong over there, so I better head back before anyone notices I've slipped away!



What a fabulous party. Thank you for including me. I loved it. The maid should be arriving soon. Relax.

Cote de Texas said...

Jeez, are you serious? Just the baseboard washing would put me out of commission for days!!!! Your knees! oh gawd, girl, that's just way too much to do in one day, I'm exhausted just reading about it.


Sarah McColl said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend, and i hope it was.