Thursday 5 March 2009

Blowdry Lounge

My husband meets the most interesting people. Today he came home with a burgundy business card from one smart businessman on the (non)cutting edge of the needs, wants and desires of today's women. "The weekly trip to the hair salon for a set, a staple of the blue-rinse set, is being remade as a convenience for the time-strapped schedules of busy professionals" - and women who want to look and feel their very, classy best (and sexiest). Featured on the Steven & Chris television show, Blowdry Lounge is a huge success. (and speaking of success...the other side of the card was Truefitt & Hill, the world's oldest barber shop - Barber to H.R.H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.) Take a moment and enjoy this clip from Steven & Chris. Once the video starts, shuffle the player over (right) to 27:45. I think there should be a Blowdry Lounge in every town. Don't you?

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