Friday 14 November 2008

Natalie Walton, Real Living Magazine

Daily Imprint Blog: "The Hotel Chelsea in New York tags itself as a "rest stop for rare individuals". Well, I hope creative types (and, yep, even you there with your training wheels still on) enjoy visiting Daily Imprint for a hit of inspiration. As a journalist (deputy editor of Real Living magazine),new Mom and writer living in Sydney, Australia, I am always on the lookout for inspiring people and places. Just knowing that there are other people out there pursuing their passion gives me even more courage to live my dream life. I hope this blog inspires you, too." - Natalie

My My: I truly enjoy Natalie's posts called 'Out and About'. It's here she takes us with her on her many adventures in Australia. One post that is just too darling is the day she bought the chair for Charlie in Tasmania! Another brilliant cuddly post was Natalie's 'Pregnancy Diary'. Too cute! Enough said. This Australian blogger is top shelf. Perfect. Oh, how I enjoy Daily Imprint.

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Natalie Walton said...

Oh, wow. I'm so touched. I thought it was time to check out the last of your Australian coverage and there I was! ... And there was my belly. Yikes. I'm never going to get used to the size of that thing. Thanks, again. Look forward to your thoughts on Australia the movie, too, seeing as that was what started the whole ball rolling. x