Sunday, 18 November 2007

Canadian House & Home Magazine

Let me just start by saying (and I'm going out on a limb of a birch tree here) that I believe that the December 2007 issue of Canadian House & Home Magazine just might very well be their best issue to date and might go down in history as the 'Canadian Style Bible' for years to come. Buy extra copies for your design studio library.
Bravo! to Publisher, Lynda Reeves and Editor, Cobi Ladner - I applaud you. First you take what's normally a holiday cover and take it to new design heights with a look that, yes is festive - but not 'in your face' gooey-tinsel-stockings to sleek-graphic-patriotic. I'm jumping up and down; bursting really with excitement. I love this triumphant issue and that is why I wanted to do a magazine review with lots of links and resources for my readers. Watch the video on how they shot the cover here!!! Amazing. More about their television show here.

Here we go:

1. Cobi Ladner shared with us that Canada has been voted #1 as 'The Friendliest Nation in the World." (smile with pride inserted here.)

2. Discover Canada's multiculturalism. A feast for the eyes.

3. 'Paint by Province' is a clever feature that will give you a sense of our landscapes and regions.

4. You will be introduced to World Class Canadian Designers. (Patricia Gray should be on the list definitely). Meet the creative minds. Here are some links to swing over to: Martha Sturdy, Frank Gehry, Moshe Safdie, Helen Kerr, Karim Rashid and Bruce Mau to name a few. (Be sure to read Bruce Mau's manifesto - this may change the way you work, think, create or enter competitions! - and because you know me, you'll chuckle that #43 is my favorite.)

5. Visions of Canada: A pictorial of our style. Sure to become an iconic reference tool. Clients around the globe are buying & investing in Canada. Now you'll know the 'look' they're after.

Congratulations on a fabulous issue. Be sure to get your own copy today! Kim Vallee has a great tip for those international readers on the digital edition.
One question though: Why don't they have a blog for the magazine? Looking for a blog editor?


Anonymous said...

The other videos provide added contents. Have you look at the digital edition? I subscribed and I am enjoying it a lot. It comes pretty handy when you are writing your posts.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could get this magazine! Not sure if I can living in the states.

Gill said...

Yes, we are indeed, the FRIENDLIEST nation; you can't deny that. Proud to be from Southern Ontario! (I love Collingwood, at first, I thought it was the beaches in your photograph, Toronto.)
Is it Lynda Reeves who designed the "Nest" items for Hudson's Bay...I just bought some kitcheny yummy stuff with her name on it. Going back for more!
I love your blog, it is alive with colour and passion!

annechovie said...

Hello Liberty! Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking me. I will do the same for you!

cotedetexas said...

Hi = I read this magazine regularly. The Dec. issue isn't here yet, but wow = I can't wait after reading this!!!


Elle Jay Bee said...

Oyy!! I can't wait to get's one of my faves!!! Of course we Canadians have remarkable style...lots of European influences!!

Thanks for the preview!

Gill said...

OMG...Love Georgian Bay, had no idea you hailed from there. It is beautiful there.
If you link me, link Indigo Blue.
Indigo Designs is a blog I play around with right now...just a temporary blog.
I shall link you as well, I like your place here! Stop by tomorrow for Writer's Island, if you like writing anything...poetry, fiction, prose...give it a try. There are some neat participants out there. The button on my sidebar takes you there and explains everything.
Have a great night!

TIG said...

Thanks for the sneak peek--the new issue looks great! As for having a blog on their site, I believe they're working on it . . .