Sunday, 7 February 2010

You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato


Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest and greenest province. Cradled on the waves of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, PEI is known for the vivid colours of its gently rolling landscape. Prince Edward Island is surrounded by miles of sandy beaches and red sandstone cliffs and is sized just right for touring. Home of Anne of Green Gables and the birthplace of our Confederation.

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards


A-M said...

Could your country be any more beautiful and contrasting?!! Just subscribed to every Winter Olympic channel available on our cable here. Hubby is practically hyperventilating with anticipation and watches the intro to Canada channels every night. A-M xx

Jan said...

This is all so beautiful !
And you dear Patti have Canadian spirit in bucketloads. x

sinnlighet said...

My God, I have to travel to Canada soon, instead of India. What a amaing landscape, I die!

Regards from Sweden & Agneta

Shana said...

That first image has such vivid colours - I thought it was a painting! I don't think I knew of this side of Canada before, thanks for posting this

Vicki said...

Born and raised north of the island of Montreal; spent time in BC in post-adolescence; lived the last 20 years in Ontario; visted every province except Nfld (will do before I die!) but my heart is in Prince Edward Island where I spent every summer during my childhood... thanks for all the memories Patti... your blog is inspirational... proud Canadian!