Sunday, 14 February 2010

My Small But Mighty 'O' Magazine Debut

Please don't laugh or snicker. I couldn't bare it. I really couldn't (wink), but gosh darn it, my photograph made it into the March 2010 issue of 'O' Magazine. Page 153!!! You're going to have to look real hard past that gorgeous blond and up over her left shoulder; this exercise may require a magnifying glass...but it's there (see the yellow asterisk in the top photo?), in all it's glory! (my Holiday Hunt card for Amanda Jaron, Jewelry Designer extraordinaire) When Amanda posted her video of the photo shoot for the magazine, I couldn't believe my eyes. How fun to see it (at 18 seconds - pause it) in the background. This was the highlight of my weekend - that and the Olympics and vanilla ice cream with a side of Earl Grey de la Creme steeped tea. (I remember being excited like this a few years ago. Remember?) Thank You Amanda for keeping that little postcard on your bulletin board and congratulations on your feature in the magazine! You look so incredible. (and your Hubby too!) And for the damn, I am going to frame it! LP xo

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Patty, You are one and a million! So glad that somehow I found you in this vast world of the web!

I look forward to your posts daily and most of all look forward to one day meeting you in person!

As a jewelry designer, I believe in the power of "Small But Mighty"!

THANKS for all!
Love seeing the world through your eyes!

lifeinredshoes said...

I am so proud of you. I knew you could do it all along:)

sealaura said...

congrats, that is so exciting. i would be over the moon just like you over this!

Mélanie said...

You made me kaugh . I saw it !!! Congrats !! I know why she keeps it , it is lovely

Anonymous said...

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