Monday, 27 August 2007

Humble & Happy

I must share a wonderful story with you. In June 2002 I fell in love with a photo inside Victoria Magazine. I ripped out the page and pinned it to my bulletin board. I just had to do a painting based on this image. It was so sweet and funny (and most of my work has a hint of humor). I finished the canvas and hung it in my home. (By the way the studio/barn on the front cover of Victoria is the studio/barn in the painting) Flash forward to present day and I buy the latest Oprah Home magazine. Inside the issue was a feature on Amy Hamilton who is one of the world's greatest hat makers. She owns Granville Millinery. She is legendary. One morning I decided to send Amy a jpeg of the painting. To my surprise and delight she emailed me back. Now the painting is at Amy's home. This is very humbling to say the least and I am so pleased that my creation moved her this way. Don't you just love little tales like this? I am always so thrilled when I read other blogs and find out about how we all connect. Amy is 'Brimming with Talent' - by the way, that is the title of the painting and if anyone has the issue, I would love it if you could post the photo that this painting was based on...I can't find my tearsheet anywhere. (Found! Top image on the right is the one I was looking for!)


Brilliant Asylum said...

Congratulations. That is a great story.

I have not looked at a Victoria magazine since my subscription ran out a few years ago, but they have some really nice images--very serene and unpretentious.

dianamuse said...

Oh, what a wonderful story. And a charming painting.

Wish I could help with the magazine hunt; another of your blog fans undoubtedly has a copy.

restyled home said...

Congratulations!! It is a wonderful painting and I agree with you: it is so nice to be recognized for what one creates. My dream is to write for a home decor mag...a pipe dream I'm sure, but we all need them.



Thank you for your comments! Restyled Home - yes you can write for a home decor mag - yes you can - just keep posting and believing. You have what it takes and circumstances will fall into place for you.