Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Host A Steeped Tea Party

It has been a while since I have felt this excited about a NEW business venture. (Don't worry, blogging is in my blood...running through my veins...I'm not going anywhere. Hugs.) I have been researching trends and strong industries. Of course Health and Wellness is one of them, entertaining at home, civilized domestic arts are making a comeback; home based business - people looking for a bit of extra money part time. All this leads me to a wonderful company - and all Canadian too! A great friend of mine called me out of the blue yesterday and asked me if I'd be interested in this (truly) ground floor opportunity. The company is brand, brand, brand new. I just knew it was meant to be. It felt right for me. PLUS! The tea industry is B-O-O-M-I-N-G (Starbucks is on that bandwagon now too) and I'll be part of the momentum and wave of success. (and you could be too....if you live in Canada) The company is Steeped Tea.

Allow me to introduce you, your friends and family to a truly "Steeped" experience. At Steeped Tea Parties, I do all the planning and bring the party to your home. I go to great lengths to personalize each party and pride myself on ensuring that you have a wonderful experience. A complete "Steeped" Party Package, brought to your home includes: Tea Consultation prior to event (½ hour). Tea pots. Half price items with every $250 in sales. 3 teas for sampling at your party, chosen by the hostess at the consultation.
I am also looking for professionals to become Steeped Tea Consultants across Canada. Please let me know if you think you might be interested in this lovely & timely 'tea' business. If yes, (wonderful!) - Let me know so we may set up a telephone call to further discuss your future success. Please email your contact information to me at pattifriday(at)hotmail.com. As a leader at Steeped Tea I will be responsible for coaching and mentoring the ambitious members on my team. I look forward to hearing back from all you CANADIANS out there!

Gorgeous 2010 CATALOGUE HERE
You may contact me: pattifriday(at)hotmail.com
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Jan said...

This is interesting Patti - tea redefined !
The blog is good too.
Hope it takes off for you.


Jan!!! Thank you so much...I an so excited..and I'm sure I could learn a thing or two or three or four from a good ol' Brit like you! Thank you for supporting me. xo

sealaura said...

wow that's different! I hadn't heard of tea home based biz before. the catalogue looks yummy but there are TOO many goodies to pick from! I hope it goes well for you. I will peruse the catalog later today. I love coconut, mango teas. I like dark sweet ones after dinner so I don;t eat the whole house and light fruity ones in the PM for the same reason LOL!!

beachbungalow8 said...

cool idea! loving your header btw