Sunday, 24 January 2010

Al-Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt

My Egypt Girl got a brand new Nikon for Christmas. A very special Nikon. I thought I would share some of her photographs from this past week. She visited Al-Azhar Park. Located in the heart of old historic Cairo and commanding stunning panoramic views of the world's most intriguing city, Al-Azhar Park offers every visitor a glimpse into the captivating past. Lush green landscaped gardens are an enjoyable sojourn away from city's major tourist attractions. Embracing valuable history, the park is home to the newly discovered Ayyubid wall, constructed by Salah El Din more than 800 years ago. The park not only provides recreation space for 15 million + residents of Cairo but also vistas of the city that have never been observed before. Al-Azhar Park is on the coveted list, The World's 60 Greatest Public Spaces. She's working in Florence, Italy this week, so my fingers are crossed that she uses that little n-baby a lot!

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La Petite Gallery said...

The Tea looks great, and traveling through "Egypt" takes a lot of
courage,in these times. Sounds like a fasinating trip.