Saturday, 7 November 2009

Highway of Heroes Poppy Pin

Trademarking a poppy? Artists worldwide beware: The Royal Canadian Legion may be coming after you with a lawsuit as they believe they 'own' the rights to the poppy image. Otherwise a lovely 'Highway of Heroes' pin would still be for sale to raise money for military families. This is absolute nonsense. Let's all boycott the 'poppy drive' (the little soft, velvety red poppies we stick in our jackets) by the Legion this month until they allow the 'highway of heroes pin' to be sold again!!! - just to show them that we can all share the poppy image to remember, express and raise funds for this worthy cause. Each November, Poppies blossom on the lapels and collars of over half of Canada’s entire population. Since 1921, the Poppy has stood as a symbol of Remembrance, our visual pledge to never forget all those Canadians who have fallen in war and military operations. The Poppy also stands internationally as a “symbol of collective reminiscence”, as other countries have also adopted its image to honour those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Peace = sharing. Sharing the poppy (for goodness sake) to raise money for people in need shouldn't be a criminal act. I can't stand legal bullies. (who make decisions based on greed, ego and page 41 of the Poppy Manual.)
NOTE: To be clear. I am talking about a lapel pin of the 'highway of heroes sign with poppy on it' that the local credit union was selling to raise money for military families. They are no longer allowed to sell them. (trademark infringement) I think this is so wrong. If people want to design poppy items to sell to make money for military families, they should be able to.


Jan said...

Crikey - talk about stringent rules.
Live and let live.

Anonymous said...

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