Sunday, 18 October 2009

Squam Workshops June 2-6, 2010

There is something pulling me to this lakeside event....and I might need a little help from my friends - Weekend art retreats at a fabulous turn-of-the-century camp on Squam Lake, New Hampshire. A magical string of wants and needs and desire; to escape, discover, renew, enjoy. I have been reading the stories of Squam. I have a file of images from the lucky ones who have been there. (I play a slideshow of them often) I've read the words of workshop leaders and seen the happy videos of gratitude and nature. So I've decided I will go to Squam and I am hoping to attend in June 2010. (I believe all the details will be available in Jan. 2010) I'm going to need a lot of faith and a little help from my friends out there. Perhaps a reader will feel that a penny here or a dollar there, donated to my Squam fund would be a worthy cause for a Canadian creative like me. There might be a person out there who might say 'YES' to my Squam vision. A place that I am so drawn to and a journey I know that will become a new body of work that I can share with the world. IMAGINE turning down a long drive that leads you through a grove of pine, white birch, maple and oak trees and brings you right to the edge of a sparkling lake. As you step out of your car, you can see vintage turn-of-the-century cabins tucked along the shore and smell the pine needles that cover the road. It's an ideal setting for a creative retreat and that's exactly what they have waiting for you at Squam Art Workshops. If you are looking for an experience that will provide you with the time, space, and inspiration to recharge your creative spirit, this might be just the ticket. Maybe you could join me for an event that is designed to foster a safe and nurturing environment where you can explore a range of mediums. There are a whole range of classes to choose from that include: painting, printmaking, journaling, doll making, writing, knitting, sewing, photography, crochet, sculpture, felting and some classes that combine several of those elements into one workshop.
The approximate $3000 U.S. fundraising breakdown: (and so worth it!!!)
1. Workshops $900 (includes meals, accomodations and all workshops)
2. Airfare from Toronto (return) $950
3. Hotel night before and last day $300
4. Meals 2 days (before and after) $50
5. Car Rental and Gas (1.5 hour drive from Manchester NH airport to location) $200
6. Spending/Misc./Supplies/Purchases $600
Of course, I'm shooting for the moon, but the bottom line money needed is $2400.
If you would like to know about the Squam Workshops (and want to come with me!), please click here and if you would like to help me get to Squam, and wish to donate in US Dollars please click here - my Canadian donate in Canadian Dollars, please click here. LPxo

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Di Overton said...

I'm afraid I would need more than $600 dollars spending money. Sounds fabulous