Thursday, 22 October 2009

Martha Stewart's Daily Routine

Last night I relaxed and went through a box of magazine tear sheets. (do you ever do that?) A few of the pages revealed to me once more the 'extreme self-care' that Martha Stewart practices. It's no wonder she has the vitality and energy. I mean, just look at the woman!!! If you click on the image to enlarge it, you will see that her hair and skin glow and she looks so 'hot'. She is 68 years young!!! I really like how she has lightened her hair with frosty highlights. Here is a recap of her daily routine. (from Martha Stewart Living)

1. Skin Care: Morning and Night, cleanse, exfoliate, treat, moisturize, protect. She has been very open with her favorites and Yonka is the product she continues to rave about. This online shop is really great for 'quality' skin care - DermStore is your one stop shop for all your skin care and cosmetic needs. - you can purchase Yonka there.

2. Home Gym: aerobics, weights, stretching

3. Walking: daily walks and in particular, she loves hiking. (so does Arianna Huffington..she hikes daily too!)

4. Calendar: daily calendar is kept handy and ready on a clipboard - every day!

5. Water: water infused with fruits, cucumber and bottled

6. Morning Juice: 8 ounces of homemade 'green' 'fruit' juice

7. Hair Care: daily wash, condition, weekly glossing treatment

8. Exercise: pilates, yoga, weights

9. Teeth/Body Skincare: 2-3 times daily electric toothbrush, flossing, salt water rinse and mouthwash, moisturize skin.

10. Relaxation: read books on her Kindle, watch movies Netflex, cappuccino
So tell me. What is your daily 'extreme self-care' routine?

Photo Credit: DayLife/GettyImages


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

That would be my YEARLY once a year pamper.

Eegads...I haven't been nearly nice enough to self.


Linda, I know! She is so disciplined. That is the key. She does all 10 every day and 3 of the 10 are 'EXERCISE' !!!! I need to make some positive changes.

mimi said...

Did you say daily routine? Ha- perhaps like Linda says, "yearly" would be more like it and that might even be an exaggeration- but Martha is so disciplined and inspiring, isn't she?

Silke said...

It really is shameful how I neglect myself on a daily basis. I KNOW I don't do enough for my skin, don't exercise enough or drink enough water... For weeks now I've wanted to start my yoga routine again and haven't! Sometimes I just don't know how to get started... But now that I am in my 40's I really need to make more of an effort! I wish I had Martha's discipline! :) Silke

Kitty said...

pre-recession kitty used to get a pedicure every week, a massage every two, and highlights every month. i'm just as happy now, however, taking long baths,getting extra sleep, and doing plenty of yoga throughout the day. readers of organic orgy know i will never give up my compulsive consumption of green and natural cosmetics! i always say, "look out for number 1 so you don't step in number 2" - this applies to everything, especially self care!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I don't think I've ever gone to bed with make-up on. But, is that extreme? I do wear SPF 90 sunscreen every day, rain or shine. But right at the moment...I have to confess... I have the fingernails of a seven year old. Must get manicure.

And, what is a "glossing treatment"?

Marnie said...

i can attest to yonka products - have used them for 15 years!

Claire Kayser said...

MOST everyday:
1. Morning cappucino
2. Devotional time, prayer
3. Power walk dog about 30 min.
4. 2 or 3x/week Bikram yoga, weights, aerobics
5. Paint - creative time
6. 30 min. power nap at 1:30 pm
7. Time with kids
8. Dinner with family
9. Diet - variety of foods, balanced nutrients, no over eating. Moderate alcohol.
10. Sleep about 7-8 hours
11. Massage 1x/month (wish more!)

NOT perfect on all these every day, but most days! My mother was a nutritionist/dietician, so I've grown up knowing healty eating habits and diet. I'm 42, and I've started bioidentical hormones to balance the hormones in my body during this "perimenopausal" time in my life. I feel great! I'm happy! :)