Friday, 23 October 2009

G20, G8, Huntsville, Ontario and Analysis

Hello! I'm in Huntsville, Ontario! (home of 2010 G8/G20 Summits and Goldie and Kurt's cottage) Can you imagine the amount of security there will be here? Oh my. Hey Huntsville (and Deerhurst Resort): "Attract Canadian Talent. Post Your Job on Workopolis and reach over 3 Million Candidates! Hire us, hire us, hire me...." And guess what? I found out today that Deerhurst is a pet-free resort, but there is a luxury pet and dog camp down the road. Check Muskoka Pet and Dog Camp! (Too sweet. My Paige would love it.)
I'm here for a hockey tournament; a very Canadian thing to do. The boys are on the beds, (breaking wind as they nap...ugh) and I'm sipping on the most delicious Reunion Coffee. This photo is from my walk in the sleet-rain-slushy-bone-chilling-gusty-Muskoka-air. It made me smile! I find it so interesting to check my blog's 'keyword analysis'. Don't you? Here is a genuine search list from today (so far) and how readers came to find Liberty Post. Are you on the list?

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Not sure what 'keyword analysis' is:

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vicki archer said...

Your keywords look a lot more exciting than mine LP....Have a wonderful weekend in Huntsville, xv.

Kitty said...

LP: How do you find this? Is it a widgety thing you installed or is it a Blogger feature?


Vicki, Have a perfect weekend in France! LPxo


Kitty Darling...go to bottom right side of my blog and hit statcounter to get one for each of your blogs...all kinds of great info. I keep in personal, some opt to make it public. Let me know if you like it.

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