Saturday, 3 October 2009

Do Bloggers Have Brains?

Or are they headless, empty bodies propped up at computer tables? And do they have to publish only one topic? And do readers really have a say? The seed for this post was planted by Anon who felt that I and another design blogger were 'sanctimonious' = Feigned piety or righteousness; hypocritical devoutness or high-mindedness. Bloggers are multi-faceted humans with many interests and opinions. To demand we only post 'one subject' is archaic and prehistoric; setting us back to the old way of the journo. Thank goodness I wrote my manifesto when I started Liberty Post. If you too believe in free speech and opinion, please leave a comment on this post and enjoy this complimentary print that you can hang on your wall.

For those of you who do not know mine, here it is: We believe that...anything goes. You have the freedom to define your life & personal style and the license to change your mind always and often. Knowledge of our society & culture, it's places, people and their ideas (hence 'Gallery of Goods') empowers all of us. You are 'at-liberty' to create your world.

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Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Uh. Yeah. What she said.

...not to mention it's your friggin' blog and you can do whateva the hell you desire, no?

sinnlighet said...

Nej fy för den lede, dessa bilderna var riktigt osmakliga, och stolen skulle jag inte vilja ha för allt smör i småland.....

Me like? No no no no o:))

Regards from a cold & windy Sweden


Anonymous said...

well said. I feel I can be honest here as long as I am respectful...

Jan said...

Presumably Anon has now retreated to the safety of 'design only' blogs, although even they go 'off topic' occasionally. (It's allowed)
Frankly I don't know how they (the design bloggers) do it - stick to that one subject.
Life is multi-faceted and LP embraces that!
Sanctimonious ? - NEVER.
One thing I have learned though is it doesn't matter what you do/say/write, there will always be someone who just doesn't 'get you'.
(Or me, come to that)
I get you Patti - thanks for not being boring.

Shelly said...

More often than not those cranky "Anon" commenters crack me's gotta suck to be stuck in that headspace day in and day out. Decorno has some really cranky "Anons" and her witty comebacks amuse the heck out of me. Your response to Ms/Mr Crabbypants was sooo ladylike...loved it.
So...please don't change - you're like the groovy girlfriend I check in with to see what's hip and happening, not just in decor!

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

I loved the comment that gross is hiding under the guise of anonimity. Well said. I love your blog. Honestly, it is the first blog that I click on in my email box daily, because I find you fascinating. You ALWAYS blog about all subjects and if that anon person had half a brain he/she would have known that. Those that read your blog know that you are opinionated. But, we also know that you throw out alot of things for people to ponder over. A lot of times you blog about subjects that are new to me and I love that. Please don't change (I know you won't). I'm sure there are many people, along with me, who love your blog!

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

Oh, one more thing.... I have a design blog and I love talking about all things design. But, I do go off course and blog about an occassional recipe or my love of purses (part of my current post :) )... For those of you who think that just because we blog only about design makes us one-dimensional, I would say to you that we have other parts of our lives that are definitely not one-dimensional. But, we pick interior design as a focus for our blogs because we love it... period. But, that doesn't define us.