Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Kneeling On The Media Altar

If this magablog was 'real' (not virtual). If Liberty Post was in main stream media, here are the publications/outlets I'd like it to be...aspire to be:

Newspaper: The New York Times

Magazine: Vanity Fair (Look who is on the October 2009 cover!!! It's gorgeous!!!)


Radio: CBC Radio - my Canadian content - I heart it (click here to listen while you blog/read)

and I just had to give one online example...

Internet: Huffington Post

Here is my current Masthead. (don't laugh it's just me doing far)

Welcome to my Head Office. I am the Blogger: The Writer, Photographer, Illustrator, Art Director, Stylist, Production Director, Copy Girl, Publisher & Editor -in-Chief of this International Lifestyle Magablog. (Picture a staff meeting) I publish my 'Gallery of Goods' (images & ideas) every day, so please come back soon. Est. June 11th, 2007

This all came about; got me thinking - because I got the most astonishing compliment ever! I am so incredibly humbled, but know I have a long, long, long way to go to become the Editor-in-Chief I want to be....

"You amaze me. I think you are one of the most interesting people in the world. I mean that. I love everything your write about - it is always something interesting and usually something I am interested in. Your blog is like a great daily newspaper column - keep plugging at it." - Cote de Texas

Joni, how can I ever thank you enough for this? (I can't afford expensive french antiques...yet) I will sit at your 'design/world media/radio altar'. That's what I'll do....

Other lovely compliments on my sidebar (blushing) thank you...LPxo


annechovie said...

You are so right! We bloggers have to do it ALL single-handedly with a very small budgetand no assistants. You always have something interesting to share....and Joni is the best for encouragement - love that woman!

Di Overton said...

Very well deserved compliment me thinks

sealaura said...

dear liberty,

you do have so many cool stories to share, I get so excited and tell myself I will read them after I grade, after I clean, but sometimes I just go for it. For example, all this alter stuff and the Anna Wintour story below is calling me, not the dishes in the sink. anyway, I do love your magablog and I think you do an amazing job. Norm (my humble assistant) and I aspire to be as creative as you are over at sealaura. BTW, Norm is sharing his beach journal today in case you have a minute!