Thursday, 17 September 2009

Empire State of Mind

For those who dismiss hiphop and rap. For those who claim it will cause violence and rage in young people. For those who whisper that hiphop will make you go blind, it is true they wear sunglasses, but 'we ain't blind'. (for the record, I listen to hiphop and rap a lot) For those who show no tolerance for the poetry of the street. For those of you who believe this music genre is made in a burning studio by Diablo himself. (only a happy place could give this world Jay-Z - enlarge the top photo to see his beauty) This is for you: He is now the solo artist with the most No. 1 albums, 11, in Billboard history, surpassing Elvis Presley; he now trails only the Beatles over all. (and actually, he's a businessman earning well over $178 million last if you are reading this and you have any talent for 'beats' too can be a massive success.) Oh Sasha Fierce. Lounging at the 40/40 Club. You are a lucky girl.

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