Saturday, 29 August 2009

Eat Pray Love: The Movie

Last summer I listened to the book on CD, Eat Pray Love. 13 CDs, 15 hours. Elizabeth Gilbert kept me company on this long journey (to and from a place I really didn't want to go to anymore) and I want to thank her publicly for that. As my car moved in unison with the pavement lines and whisked past lush green maple trees, I listened to the sound of her soothing, authentic and truthful female voice. Elizabeth Gilbert, the celebrated author created an irresistible, candid, and eloquent account of her pursuit of worldly pleasure and spiritual devotion. In the very beginning of the book she describes crying on her bathroom floor in the middle of the night. (I cried with her. I felt it. I got it. I'd been there before.) Snot dripping, saliva drooling, tears feverishly flowing onto the tiles; as she hung her head and heaved and sobbed and mourned the loss of her marriage. (I was mourning the loss of a career I thought I wanted.) It was a profound part of the book and for me anyway, set the stage for a magnificent memoir, travel, journey - brilliant story. If you have not read the book, I encourage you snuggle up with it this fall. Now, Eat Pray Love is in production. It will be a movie starring Julia Roberts. I must tell you (and you probably already know) that I am typically and usually very positive and optimistic, but I am having a difficult time seeing Julia move into this wonderful character that I fell in love with. And we all know the 'real' person. Is Julia going to pull this off or not? I want it to be so right. I hope it will be. (We'll have to wait until 2011 for Brad Pitt, the Executive Producer to release it to the millions who will be anxiously lining up.)

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Jan said...

This sounds like a must read.
Movie adaptations - always tricky especially when based on something you already hold dear.
Julia might be able to pull it off - I don't think she's as bad a some people make out.

Cote de Texas said...

was the tape abridged? i bought a biography once and listened to it and then found it wasn't as long as the book!!!


Joni: Yes! Unabridged. Link on CD on post to find it. Amazing.


Jan: I do love Julia...but I only see Elizabeth playing Elizabeth! Weird ay?

cathycan said...

I always visualize, with much detail, the characters in books I love! And sometimes that makes it difficult to watch the movie, "That's not what they look like!!"
I will read this one on your recommendation!