Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Collingwood Confidential

It's like a shiny brand new television season. Do you know that feeling? All your favorite shows starting. Writing the dates in your day planner. Asking best girl friends to come over to sip wine and watch the premiere with you. It's like giggling and jumping up and down; like in Bewitched when Nicole Kidman finds out she got the part of Samantha. It's like hearing that you passed your driving exam. It's like finding out you are NOT pregnant when you DON'T want to be. It's like getting a hole in one or landing the big client. It's the same feeling. Photographing on the shore in Collingwood in the wind on a sun-kissed morning. Do you know that feeling?


Jan said...

Would have loved to be on that shore this morning.
The baby is soo cute !
Beautiful pics.

Kitty said...

sweet pics with the cutest baby ever! i love that you pencil in your TV shows when they begin in the fall. i thought i was the last person in the free world who does that so as to be able to watch in real time.

Cottage Rose said...

I would have loved to be on that shore line,, the day looked so beautiful.. and all those pretty photos, love the sweet baby one too. thanks for sharing.

Have a great week.


Claire Kayser said...


I LOVE the shots in this post!!! You are a wonderful photographer, and these shots convey just the feelings you stated in the post. AWESOME!

Teresa @ good-grace said...

These are lovely images.... such a bright clear day. Boy, I can almost feel that wind!