Saturday, 16 May 2009

Lisa Congdon and Switching Sides

I used to love reading Lisa Congdon's blog and then I was extremely sad one day when she announced that she was closing it down (I hate it when people do that and then they actually do do it don't you?) for good. I missed peaking into her world. Lisa is now represented by Lilla Rogers! Now I am a happy girl today because I found out via Sarajo Frieden (who by the way self-published a self-promotion book on Blurb for her agents to show companies at the Surtex Show in NYC - how brilliant) that Lisa and her Dog Wilfredo have started a brand new blog. Yeah! Lisa is a tremendous artist (her Etsy shop here), who by the way is on the front cover of Paumes new book on SF Kitchens and she is also Gay. Why does this matter this morning? It doesn't really. It's just a sidebar to her tremendous talent, but I also just read an intriguing article on HuffPost about switching sides that I found to be both humorous and perhaps truthful.

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" was a clever little slogan of the Women's Movement during the Seventies. Little did I realize then how prescient it would prove to many of my peers as they hit middle age. In the past five years, I've been stunned by how many of my formerly married-with-children Girlfriends have bolted from their traditional family geometry and found true love with other women........And the sex is great! As Carol Leifer put it (much more succinctly than I) another woman already knows where all the happy spots are and what makes them downright euphoric. She said that it's like knowing your own house--even with the lights off, you still know where all the furniture is. I can only barely imagine what it must be like to have sex and have someone to talk to after. Think about it, we Girlfriends are usually so intimate with each other in a non-sexual way; we hug and kiss and can even share a bed without thinking about sex. We already behave like lesbians, in fact, most men fantasize that we are, so if we do or don't actually become lesbians isn't necessarily apparent to the outside world." - Vicki Iovine


Jan said...

I so admire the way you're happy to take on any subject Patti!
Maybe I should be a little braver (just a thought)
:) x


Jan...Liberty: The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing.


Jan: Thank you for your support and friendship!

corine said...

I read that article. I have someone in mind when comes the time to switch side. I told her before she would be the perfect wife for me. We haven't figured out the sex thing yet. But you can have a happy marriages without sex, i'm told.


Corine: See...that's a new novel. Wouldn't it be a fab movie!