Friday, 15 May 2009

Farah's Story

On October 4, 2006, it had been revealed that Fawcett was suffering from anal cancer and was undergoing treatment, including chemotherapy and surgery. Four months later, on her 60th birthday, the Associated Press wire service reported that Fawcett was, at that point, cancer free. Fawcett said in a statement, "This is an extraordinarily happy day for me and my family. I hope that my news might offer some level of inspiration to others who unfortunately must continue to fight the disease."
May 7, 2009: Fawcett was reported as being critically ill, with O'Neal quoted as saying that she now spends her days at home, on an IV, often asleep. The Los Angeles Times reported that Fawcett is in the last stages of her cancer and had the chance to see her son Redmond in April 2009 under supervision, as he is currently incarcerated. Her 91-year-old father James was being flown out to visit with his ailing daughter. O'Neal said she wrote her father a note which read "I've lived a full and wonderful life. I've loved and been loved. I'm happy. I'm ready."
As of this week, Farrah Fawcett is continuing to receive chemotherapy to thwart the spread of cancer. Her doctor, Lawrence Piro, and Fawcett's friend and Angels co-star Kate Jackson—a breast cancer survivor—appeared together on The Today Show dispelling rumors—including that Fawcett had never been in a coma, had never reached 86 pounds, and had never given up her fight against the disease or lost the will to live—as had all been reported in the tabloid press. Jackson decried such demoralizing fabrications, saying they "really do hurt a human being and a person like Farrah". Piro recalled when it became necessary for Fawcett to undergo treatments that would cause her to lose her hair, acknowledging that "Farrah probably has the most famous hair in the world," but acknowledged that it is not a trivial matter for any cancer patient, whose hair "affects (one's) whole sense of who (they) are". Jackson averred that the point to Fawcett's documentary was to show that "she didn't do this to show that she is unique, she did it to show that we are all unique... This was...meant to be a gift to others to help and inspire them."
The two-hour documentary, Farrah's Story, filmed by Fawcett and her friend Alana Stewart about her battle with the disease, aired tonight on NBC.
I watched it and my favorite part was the paragraph she wrote and read aloud about 'rain'. I loved it so much.
"I was thinking I would miss the rain. I wonder if you can experience the rain in Heaven, if God will let you dip your wings down," Fawcett said softly. "But my biggest expectation now is just to live. I will not go gently into that goodnight ..." - Farah Fawcett
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hello gorgeous said...

My first husband died of colon cancer so I admire anybody who will document their experience in an effort to inform and inspire others.

In fact, the Chicago Tribune did a 3-part article on him because he was one of the first patients in a clinical trial for a drug that was supposed to "cure cancer."

Well, it didn't. Not yet anyway...

I watched the balance of the show when I got home last night but missed the "rain" part. Please post it if you find it. Thanks.


Hello Gorgeous, Yes, I will post the 'rain' segment if I can get it.
Thank you so much for sharing about your husband's courage. LPxo

Cote de Texas said...

Gorgeous = I didn't know that. My sympathies to you.

thanks - after two days I had finally not thought of this for a minute or two. now it's all back. ughh. it was soooo sad. that part about the rain was so hard to listen to. i almost wished i hadn't watched it - it really affected me.

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