Thursday, 28 May 2009

Amy Butler: Key Points to Growing A Business

Amy and her husband David started their business in 1992. The first year they made about $16,000.00, most of which went to heating their old farmhouse, putting new tires on the truck and buying new computers. Now their business is $1 million +. Here are some key points from them:

1. Put your profits back into your business
2. Freelance to finance your company
3. Don't borrow money from a bank, investor or partner
4. Work with what you have
5. Don't live beyond your means
6. Re-invest in what you do
7. Use your own resources and hands
8. Grow your business in a grassroots way
9. Keep your eye on detail and quality
10. Be flexible and do many things
11. Invest with sweat equity not financial equity
12. Stay away from loans that only bring you pressure and debt
13. Keep things manageable. Grow your business slow
14. Have patience
15. Work hard

Learn more about Amy here and here. Find books by Amy here.

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