Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Amy Butler's Midwest Modern

I want, I want, I want. (I got. I got. I got.) That's right folks! I got the book. Amy Butler's Midwest Modern. For those of you who don't know Amy (have you been hiding under a giant rock?), let me introduce you to her. Amy is an artist and designer who lives and creates from a mid-century home studio in Ohio. She has created, written and produced many feature articles for Country Living Magazine and co-founded Art of Midwest with her husband David. Amy now sells sewing patterns, designs fabric for Rowen, licenses her art for paper goods and more.....This book is a wonderful peek inside her world and her processes. She shares her home....it's like being a fly on the wall...and her workspace. Respite from the styles out of L.A. or NYC, this Midwestern style is fresh and contemporary. Go here and get lost in Amy's inspiration. Enough said. You know how I feel about her.

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

man, that book looks ridiculously beautiful. I so want to be Amy Butler (jealousy, it's a powerful thing. sigh)