Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Reduce Reuse Recycle

A little Curly, Larry, Mo; a touch of Charlie's Angels - hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. All bundled up in a love nut for me to 'bear hug' and laugh with. Of course Earth Day isn't just about the three R's, it about the never ending and overflowing love we feel for our cherished family and friends. To leave this planet better for our children and their children and so on. It happens with baby steps along the way and every day. Each small act of 'earth kindness' contributes to the goal of 'near environmental perfection'. Here are a few of the green things I'm passionate about: Trees (planting a billion of 'em), Trees in Canada and WaterAid. Now, for these tiny pretties, I believe: Reduce by using cloth diapers, Reuse by sharing those precious/adorably designed children's clothes and Recycle your toys. I'm doing my part because of these three cuties (who happen to be house guests this week - hence the fewer posts). Their names are Reduce, Reuse + Recycle!

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