Thursday, 16 April 2009

La Belette Rouge (LA)

In this CALIFORNIA Blogebrity's own words:

Bienvenue à la blog, La Belette Rouge!!

Je suis la Belette Rouge ( which means “I am the Red Weasel" in French). I started La Belette Rouge in 2007 to write about all things French and how to live a French life no matter where you are. Then life happened and I started writing more about my life than about the life I wish I had.

La Belette Rouge is the humorous and not entirely sad autobiographical story of a somewhat over-educated, 40-something, happily married, childless not by choice, Francophile red weasel with a passion for red, red shoes, and writing who is temporarily stuck in Los Angeles and who would much rather be in Paris, New York, Chicago or any other major city and out of the suburbs of Valencia, CA. Le sigh!

On la blog, La Belette Rouge, I attempt to write painfully honest and hopefully funny creative non-fiction autobiographical posts about: writing, living in L.A., longing for Paris, what I want to buy at J Crew, shoes, clothes, how to get over heartbreak, disappointment and despair, my He-weasel( husband), the desires and disappointments of the past, present, and future, infertility and I sometimes even wax psychological and talk about sessions with my Beverly Hills psychoanalyst, Igor.

I write frequently about how I try to live my life post-infertility and without a baby. I have a weekly series called Writing in Valencia which is about creating a literary life no matter where you are and writing even when you think you can't.The goal of my blog is to make you laugh and if at all possible for you to do a spit take. I am sorry if I occasionally make you cry, I don't mean to do it. It just happens sometimes.

I also love to make lovely blogger friends and I am ridiculously happy when you leave lovely comments or just say 'bonjour' via comment or email. Then there is the goal of being discovered on the Internet and getting an agent and a book deal---and have very kind people say I am the 40-something year old version of Sloan Crosley or that David Remnick ought to be publishing me in the New Yorker. David, are you listening?I have published short stories, essays, worked as an entertainment editor and even had my own column in a small newspaper. I have a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a M.A. in Counseling Psychology. My graduate thesis explored the psychology of clothing on which I have lectured.

I have worked in the fields of art, fashion, and for the last seven years I have worked in mental health. I am presently focusing my energies on completing a book about coming to terms with infertility. I am also working on a curriculum for a course on blogging that I will be teaching in Spring 2009.

La Belette Rouge is on list of the Top Ten Blogs for Francophiles and is the proud winner of the 2008 Avant Garde Bloggies Award for the best "How-to"post.

Please email me if you would like me to review your book/products, are interested in link shares, or if you have questions, comments or pictures of weasels you would like to share with me.