Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Inland Empire of Socal: Sealaura

"OMG! I love that header! I am a socal gal. I currently live in the "inland empire" of socal, at the foot of the mountains in redlands. I grew up in LA and I love Cali! Yes we are crazy here and I love it. There's the weather, the relaxed lifestyle, the diversity, for the most part an open way of looking at life and at different people. I love the food, we are healthy and ridiculous, yet we indulge. I could go on and on." - Sealaura, A Beach Lover Surfing Through Life who loves her dog, Norman Alexander.

"Sealaura, Thank You for joining in on the sunny fun this week! (Did you know I have a beachy blog myself? Yes, it's new...not quite California, but my hometown none the less.)" - Liberty Post
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sealaura said...

Thanks so much Patti! You are so kind to include me in your blog. I am truly so honored. And thanks for having a California week, what a great idea!