Monday, 6 April 2009

Tell Me. What's Wonderful About California?

On my wintry spring day, I'd love you to cheer me up. Tell me what you love about California. Do you live there? Blog from there? Visit there? Do you prefer the north or the south? What are the best things for me to blog about this week? Talk to me.


Renee Bonorand Fleming said...

The weather (it's perfect all year round) - the ocean and surfers - the food (creative and fresh)....san diego is the best. i just started blogging and you are an inspiration.

sealaura said...

OMG! I love that header! I am a socal gal. I currently live in the "inland empire" of socal, at the foot of the mountains in redlands. I grew up in LA and I love Cali! Yes we are crazy here and I love it. There's the weather, the relaxed lifestyle, the diversity, for the most part an open way of looking at life and at different people. I love the food, we are healthy and ridiculous, yet we indulge. I could go on and on.