Thursday, 16 April 2009

Hidden in France (But she's really in California)

Now, California Week would not be complete without featuring some Calibloggers! Corine, a passionate lover of colour, is one Blogebrity who writes like the wind - some times whipping, strong, stinging - other times breezy, caressing, softly - and then calm, windless, peaceful. I love her writing, her honesty and sense of wit and 'Corine Philosophy'. This blogger will be the next big thing to hit bookshelves. She is working on a novel, writes for several blogs (still waiting for her to admit which ones - she's so mean-spirited) and more....I think scripts perhaps for big Hollywood producer kinds...Twitter Gal...all in all, she is one very interesting woman; blogholic, wife - mother, lover of Zen Habits. Real. Authentic. Loyal. Coastal. (oh, did I mention she runs a cooking school too?) Take a peek inside her home here and see her growing collection of flower paintings here. Oh how I adore Corine! She makes me want to be a better blogger - perhaps I will work on that this weekend.
Here is her online bio:
Hidden in France
Biography: This blog is where I stumble, disoriented and out of breath from my crazy life, to rest for a minute and play. I love colorful things, places, people, words and thoughts. Whatever it is I probably have an opinion about it. Unfortunately, and due to wavering impulse control, I have to share that opinion immediately. With you. If something you read in this blog doesn't sound too English, it probably isn't. Don't run to your dictionary: It's not you. Really. It's me. I'm French. Interests: Everything interests me and there lies the problem.

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corine said...

Bhrahhhhhh... Liberty girl you have to warn me about those things! I'm absolutely freaking OUT!

But thank you thank you thank you...sob... sigh...thank you.