Sunday, 18 January 2009

What Was Barack Like in 1990?

This is an extremely interesting and telling 1990 article from the Toronto Star. Here are a few excerpts (prophetic really):

1. After graduation next year, Obama says, he probably will spend two years at a corporate law firm, then look for community work. Down the road, he plans to run for public office.

2. Some of Obama's peers question the motives of this second-year law student. They find it puzzling that despite Obama's openly progressive views on social issues, he has also won support from staunch conservatives.

3. He's very unusual, in the sense that others who might have something approximating his degree of insight are very intimidating to their fellow students or inconsiderate and thoughtless . . . He's able to build upon what other students say and see what's valuable in their comments without belittling them.
(Thanks for the post idea Dad. xo)


Claire Kayser said...

In a single word - GOD!

Perhaps a modern day miracle...

Di Overton said...

There is no doubt that his ability listen to everyone will help change the World.
I watched a programme about his past last night it was truly inspiring.