Monday, 5 January 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

I get asked all the time: 'How do you come up with all the topics on your blog? - How do you post that much? ...and my response is usually: 'Love your internet connection!' - 'Join social networks! Like Twitter and Facebook'. The internet is an unending universe; infinity. Chock full of ideas. Overflowing, seeping out from my space bar, over the edge of my laptop, puddling onto the table and drip, drip, dripping onto the beach house floor - across the sand and topping up the lake. Is that a good enough description? Case in point: I had a friend request on Facebook this morning, I happily accepted that friendship and then I discovered that person's groups (things she is interested, 'Dirty Ladies') and then I visited one of her friends who posted a link from BHG. That's how I roll and here's how it goes:

Looking for a seasonal and budget-friendly way to light up the yard? Bright flowers, twigs and berries suspended in sparkling ice make naturally beautiful luminarias. Start with local greenery and cranberries or other items you may have on hand. Add some water, freeze and insert a candle for a lovely glow.
Photos: BHG


Claire Kayser said...

Very inspiring! I'm ready to get out and take winter images for a possible photo book. Fun, simple ideas to create beauty - love it!

jade said...

Happy New Year!!!!!
I love these ICE ideas, they are wonderful!!!!