Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Vintage Camera Ornaments

Now I believe Ladies and Gentlemen, that these would definitely be family heirloom pieces. Photographic heavyweights remade in light-as-air hand blown glass, realistic down to the tiniest detail — from the textured surfaces to the see-through lenses. Made in Germany. via Style Files, via Poppytalk

Tidbit: Mouth blown glass is produced by a glassblower blowing a long cylinder of molten glass called a muff. When the glass has cooled, it is cut along its length and then reheated so that the cylinder can be opened out into a flat sheet. The glass is generally referred to as handmade "antique" and is the best for making quality stained glass windows. The apparent "imperfections" in the glass - bubbles and reams - cause movement when looking through it. Each piece is unique and the thickness of glass will vary considerably from sheet to sheet as well as within each sheet. Therefore, the density of color will also vary. (now you're in the ornament 'know')

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