Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Jeff Bezos is My New Business Partner

And can you imagine that. I'm here posting, you're there reading this and good 'ol Jeff is in the shipping department working for both of us. Wow! You many not realize this yet, but I'm a happy-dancing blogger. Ah, yes. I've opened an Amazon Store. You can see it directly to your right. (top sidebar) The scuffed up 'open' sign - that's where you click. I sell a whole lot more than books, although that's where you'll land first because I figure, what with this economy, books are still an affordable luxury and a fab gift for everyone on your list. My store is completely secure and powered by the great and mighty Amazon dot com. So if you are thinking of buying books (Home & Garden anyone?) or digital cameras or baby items or jewelry or video games or thousands of other items (see the list in my store), I'd love to have you shop with Liberty Post Gallery of Goods. (There is an excellent search button at the top right corner of the store for your shopping convenience too!) Sales have been brisk and there is lots of time for delivery before the holidays. Thanks for shopping at my place. Here is your first customer appreciation perk: Big Hug and an incredible quote:
"The wake-up call was reading that Web use was growing 2,300 percent a year."
- Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon

(digest that....breathe...and consider what we are all doing here)

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