Friday, 5 December 2008

Thinking Ink

I've been worried about my blog and honestly, I'm not looking for comments today to lick my wounds. I'm just second guessing the whole thing. I love my blog. What I mean is (sans arrogance) is that I love the process of publishing a blog. I love that there is no managing editor nipping at my heels (I do not work well under the direction of others. Ah, I am a good team player - I can play follow the leader, as long as I'm the leader if you know what I mean.) and giving me their 2 cents worth. I love that I get to decide the whole enchilada. The content, the copy, the header, the photo....I'm the big cheese. But more than that I love sharing my 'thoughts'; my Gallery of Goods (images and ideas) with the world - with the universe - with that mysterious online space. And when things are good, really good, things come back to me in acknowledgement, recognition and friendship.
My worry today is this. Is it all worth it? Should I continue or pack it in and embroider 'It was a good run' on the back of my jean jacket. My main goal is to make a difference in the world by either a) educating b) entertaining or c) opening dialogue. To hell with traffic and obsessing over the amount of comments here vs. 'over there'. And I'll tell you why: One of my proudest moments in my blogging career was the day I went to Mackin Ink (which I do on a daily basis) and saw that she placed Liberty Post in the 'Thinking Ink' category. (with The Huffington Post!)Breathe in, breathe out. Whoah. It is all worth it. Thank you my friends. (for my loyal readers, you'll know I'm in a 'feeling sorry for myself' mood and this too shall's the Gemini in me - Ha!)
Your Truly (working on my ego),
Liberty Post
(Oh I can hear the whispers: 'She needs to get over herself')
Photo credit: Amanda Mac


Shelly said...

Nooooo, don't quit! (says the blogger girl who just hung up her blogger hat). I love it here, it's a perfect mix of cool finds, sassy commentary and groovy places.
I have a gigantic list of places I like to go when I have time to click around, some of them have long comment columns..but you're still at the very top of the list, if I only have time to visit one's you.

Taylor said...

i think you do all a,b and c...but you seem to have forgotten d) inspiring

Millie said...

'I love my blog' - 4 wonderful words that say it all in your post. Long may we all enjoy the pleasures a visit to L.P. always provides.
Millie ^_^

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Liberty, from she who understands,

I understand

karey m. said...

YOU WEIRDO! do you even know how genius this blog is?! it's everywhere...your interests are so wide-ranging, that it provides something new and completely fresh every single day.

do you even know how rare this is?

i do. you should, too.

there are posts from you that i STILL think about. and your election coverage? check your stats. i was here for days.


{and i also call esme weirdo, so this is not a bad thing.}