Friday, 5 December 2008

Crochet Snowflakes (not by me)

You'll find this a 'hoot'. As you know, I can't knit or crochet to save my soul. Oh, I can take nice photos of this talent, but not participate in it. My stats show me that for 7 days now, the majority of my visitors have come to Liberty Post because they searched 'crochet snowflakes'...ha ha ha..that's the 'hoot' part. (I have no idea why they are being directed here...but they're coming in droves) So if you did the big snowflake google search, I might as well give you what you're looking is a pretty blog with snowflakes and here are the books for instructions. Yes, you're most welcome. And more links here my woolly/thread readers!
1. Get a head start on hearts for Valentines here.
2. A very delicate and pretty snowflake and the 'light as a feather' pattern here.
4. Please don't overdose on this link. Dozens of patterns!
5. Fun 'Flaking Out' post here.
You know what. If I was a knitter or crochet gal, I'd like the portability factor of the tiny snowflakes. Easy to tuck in your handbag and go!

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J said...

Hey, at least your blog is Top 5 on Google for "crochet snowflakes"! Thanks for posting the extra links - it's a great way to make some smiles! Maybe you should try crochet or knitting yourself... I'm just a beginning crochet-er, but I LOVE how crocheting a granny square just takes all my stress away! Happy Holidays, and thanks again for the extra links!