Saturday, 13 December 2008

Silver, Gold and Baby Blue

My Mom has suggested a new family tradition: A Christmas Tree Ornament Swap. Let's leave the cookie and candy swaps behind. Let's start anew. My tree is silver, gold and baby blue, (perfect for this wintery beach lifestyle) so I'm hoping for something pretty in these colours. This year we have an artificial tree, but some years we have a fresh one or two. Some of my best holiday memories are the chilly days we'd all bundle up to go find a real tree to cut down. We'd take our time to find 'the perfect chosen one' and then sip hot chocolate (and little white lie - fingers crossed - to the kids, whiskey in our thermos cups) by a huge bonfire. (Did you know that police officers will accept these secret drinks on freezing cold Canadian days if offered some? was a harmless act of kindness don't you agree?) Large saw logs were the seats and after we'd take the horse-drawn tractor back to the car. This type of swap is econonmical for all too! Do you have any new traditions this year? Are you trying to be frugal like the rest of us?


Anonymous said...

My family has been doing an ornament exchange for years. You will love it! Each year as you take out the older ones you will be delighted all over again.
Merry Christmas!

Amanda Jaron said...

LOVE this photo too! This series reminds me of our holiday card! Your photo has been a huge hit with my clients! Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

love the colors, and this swap is great!!!